professional IT staffing
"TAG has candidates from their network of local professionals while most of our vendors are dealing in internet resumes. Whatever they do it works to get us top quality contractors."

VP, Enterprise Applicatons
Benefits company

We deliver the expertise that gives you the advantage

IT stake holders know that their success is in the hands of their development team. Having the highest-caliber talent enables release of the best applications within reasonable or unreasonable timelines. Business today relies on fast-moving, forward-thinking IT professionals to automate process and keep the company ahead of the curve in highly competitive industries. TAG is known in Kansas City and Dallas for providing quality IT talent to complex development teams with the highest standards.

Find the best talent available

Put TAG's proven network of IT professionals to work for you. With sophisticated screening abilities relied on by TAG clients you will quickly see that you are in good hands. Decades of experience show in superior results.
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